Curating the Theatrical Effect at Broadway!

According to an article in Gulf News, UAE F&B businesses are poised to achieve the most significant annual growth since the onset of Covid, potentially making 2023 their most successful year to date. In the United Arab Emirates, there are over 26,795 restaurants and cafes, each offering something unique.
Thriving in this intensely competitive scenario involves various factors, including strategic location and menu selection. When visiting a restaurant, the culinary delights typically take center stage. However, it is the combination of good interior design and appropriate lighting that transforms breakfast, lunch, or dinner into a distinctive dining experience, piquing the curiosity of diners.
At Creation, we possess extensive experience in meeting the unique and complex needs of each restaurant concerning lighting and lighting control systems. The exclusive design elements in the lighting control system at Broadway restaurant serve as another successful example of a challenge executed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

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